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The place where you feel safe, your family can live peacefully, and also, where you keep your valuables secure is your home. Of course, worrying about the safety and protection of your home does make sense as it matters a lot. One of the ways to keep it secure is by getting your locks re-keyed. Yes, that is correct! There are many smart and easy ways such as rekey locks to maximize the security of your house.

At Key Rescues Locksmith, our skilled team has accurate know-how of rekeying locks and we are considered as locks rekey specialists in Grand Rapids and in the areas that surround it. Locks rekeying is a technical alteration of the inside of a lock so that the old key won’t be able to access the lock anymore. For safety purposes, we recommend our clients to get their locks rekeyed after every few years.


Get the Best Lock Rekey Services from Key Rescues Locksmith in Grand Rapids

There are particular times or occasions when deciding to hire a good locksmith company like us for rekeying your locks is a wise option. Some of them are: 

  1. When you lose your house’s key, it becomes compulsory to get the locks changed or rekeyed in order to eliminate any kind of risk. Rekeying locks cost less as compared to new lock installation, so, in case you have misplaced your key somewhere, get your locks rekeyed by our professionals. It is a very cost-effective solution to many threats and safety hazards. So if you are determined to save your expense and time, get your locks rekeyed by specialists at Key Rescues Locksmith.
  2. If you have shared your key with a lot of people in the past, it is better to get your house’s locks rekeyed by us. Our expert locksmiths will provide you the latest key that fits your locks so that you feel relaxed that only you have access to your house.
  3. If your key has been in the possession of construction workers or housekeeping in the past, it is one more reason when you may need to rekey your locks. Once our experts confirm your ownership of the house, they immediately get on work to rekey your locks.

How Much Will it Cost You for a Rekey Lock?

Now you must be curious how much it costs to rekey a lock, and thinking that being a rekey specialist in Grand Rapids, we would be charging too much. But that is not true at all. We have our prices fixed and we do not charge much to rekey a door’s lock. We rekey your house’s locks at very budget-friendly prices which is why our clients are fully satisfied with us. Our expert services and rekeying locks cost will amaze you. So, call us to know more!

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