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Having a private mailbox works wonders for anyone who wants to get their mails, bank cards, and other important documents safely and privately. However, the same mailboxes can turn into a nuisance when there is an important mail inside, and you are unable to open the mailbox. We understand the struggle you have to go through, but not anymore!

At Key Rescue, we make it easy for you to get a mailbox locksmith service when you need it. We have become the most dependable locksmith company with our rock-solid customer support, fast response, and quality services. So, when you need a professional locksmith for mailbox lockout, we are the ones to call!

Why Having A Mailbox Is A Great Idea

While many homeowners have to start considering having mailboxes old and outdated, they are still important. Anyone concerned about staying safe from identity frauds and credit card thefts must have a mailbox. A private mailbox offers added security to your documents as long as you don’t decide to open it yourself. Mailboxes are also convenient. You don’t have to call the post office to check on your mail. Just check your mailbox daily, and you are all set.

Another benefit of having a private mailbox is that it adds to the aesthetic value of your house. When you are paying enough to live in a nice neighborhood, don’t limit its beauty, and get yourself a well-designed mailbox for an added curb appeal.

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What We Offer

We are not just any mailbox locksmiths. Our expertise in handling all types of locks and keys let us create the perfect solution for your mailbox. We specialize in the following services:

Mailbox Lock Repair

Imagine going to check up on an important mail to find out the mailbox isn’t opening. So you turn it around, even bash it with your fist, but nothing happens. You are stuck with a mailbox that is still locked. Don’t panic and let professionals handle it. Whether the key is stuck inside the lock or the lock is jammed, we’ll come up with a solution. Wall mount, multi-tenant, or post mount; name the type of mailbox you have, and we’ll get it fixed. Call our experts for your mailbox lock repair, and we’ll help you get your mailbox working again fast!

Mailbox Lock Replacement

You’ve got an important document that was delivered to your mailbox, but it is not unlocking. When using an old and outdated mailbox, the lock often gets jammed or damaged due to wear and tear. The best thing to do in such a situation is to replace your mailbox lock. We will meet you on the spot with the latest equipment and the best technicians to solve any problem quickly. Our professionals can handle not only standard mailboxes but also high-security mailboxes too.

Mailbox Key Replacement

It’s frustrating when you lose your mailbox key, or it gets stuck in the keyhole and breaks in midway. We know how important it is to get your hands on that mail inside. Our local mailbox locksmith will get you back in your mailbox faster without damaging or breaking the lock. Whether the key is broken or you have lost it, we’ll provide you with a new replacement key within no time.

Our locksmith crew is always ready to go above and beyond to cater to your needs. Give us a call, and we’ll serve you with more than expected!

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