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It is imperative for homeowners to take their house’s security under consideration frequently. It is absolutely a crucial process to select the locks that function well and work perfectly for the safety of your residence. Old locks definitely need replacement if you think they are not in good condition to protect your house properly.

To make a house’s defense line stronger, one should have a proper locking system installed in the house. Some people try to replace the locks of their house on their own while others prefer to have the job done by professional locksmiths. However, a professional locksmith company holds expertise in lock installation services. So, it is suggested to look for a well-reputed company for lock installation near you.


Offering a wide variety of Different Locking Systems

There are numerous locks in the market, so you must choose wisely after doing proper research or getting guidance from a pro. While you plan on getting lock installation services, it is crucial to know which lock is going to fit perfectly in your door.

1- Deadbolts

Deadbolts are the simplest kind of locks but they are usually installed to the side facing the inside of the home. 

2- Levers/Knobs

These locks need keys for unlocking so, if you are good at keeping small things such as keys with you all the time, go for these locks. But make sure they should be of very high quality and installed by only qualified locksmiths. Therefore, you must call us to install them. 

3- Keyless Locks

We also offer keyless locks installation in Grand Rapids, MI for those homeowners who are tired of taking care of small keys and want to get rid of them. These locks are the safest way to protect your house. So, if you have expensive property or a large amount of cash, go for them. 

When Should You Give us a Call for Lock Installation in Grand Rapids? 

Following are the times when you may need to replace your already existing locks with new ones. 

1. Shifting to a New House

It is an obvious situation to replace your locks after shifting to a new residence. Many people including the old property owners or residents, home contractors, or old housekeeping may still have access to your new home. So, call us and get your locks replaced on the very first day.

2. Upgrading Locks

If you have started noticing problems in your lock i.e. the key gets stuck in it too much, or if the locks are starting to rust, we suggest you upgrade them. Call us and our pros in Grand Rapids will install new locks which will be better than the old ones.

3. Break-ins

Unluckily, if you had a house break-in in the past, immediately call our team to get your locks replaced and don’t leave your house exposed. 

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